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Set up your UpChoose page in less than 3 minutes and share it with your loved ones. You can register to subscribe or to buy a set of organic baby essentials. You can add your UpChoose link to a main registry like Babylist or Amazon.
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Step 1/5: Pick Your Size
Please see our size chart for general recommendations on sizing.
You will be able to add more sizes directly from your page.
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Step 2/5: Pick the Season
Warm weather has more short sleeves while mild weather has more long sleeves. You can also add your preferences on the next page.
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Step 3/5: Pick Your Set Type
Tip: The Full set also includes accessories like towels, blankets and cloths.
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Step 4/5: Pick Your Style
Tip: You can also add color or style preferences on the next page.

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Step 5/5: Pick New or Preloved
Preloved sets are made with gently-used items returned from UpChoose moms and dads. Each piece is inspected and cleaned to ensure good condition.
New sets are 20-30% lower than retail price. Preloved sets are 60-70% lower than retail price.
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