Frequently Asked Questions

One root cause of many of today’s social and environmental challenges is our mass consumption model. While raising awareness on overconsumption has merit, there is a lack of bold innovation to enable us to graduate to a higher form of consumption in practice. Innovation that does not require us to make lifestyle sacrifices, but instead provide an option that is holistically better than what currently exists. So, we founded UpChoose. We believe that transitioning to a more sustainable model of consumption can lead to significantly better outcomes for our lives, our health and our planet. UpChoose thinks about how we would approach consumption if we were 15 or 20 years into the future, solve for what this would look like in terms of quantity, quality and behaviour, and provide the service today.
Our purpose is to activate consumer's role in building a sustainable future. This means buying better products but also, and most importantly, adopting better behaviours like buying the right quantity, and re-selling products to another family when you don’t need them anymore. If we can do that, we can kickstart a new consumption model where we have high quality products at affordable prices and with a low-waste model that protects the environment.
We are launching in San Francisco and the service is available in the San Francisco Bay area for the first few months. We will then expand in other areas over time.
We have identified clothing as a good starting point to improve our consumption habits, and we have developed a proprietary methodology to assess clothing products. We are starting at the beginning with babies for the following reasons: Babies' skin are fragile and they are the most vulnerable to the effect of chemicals in consumption products; The future starts with them and we want to help develop the right habits from the start; It is an important moment for new parents to be more thoughtful about their choices; and there is a huge amount of waste and inefficiency to tackle in the baby clothing space.
We have worked hard to make it as simple for you as possible. We offer a set of essential baby clothing, you can simply select the one that fits your need and taste and order it. We will deliver it to you and onboard you in our new consumption program, where you will be able to join a community of thoughtful parents who are getting products they love while saving money, reducing clutter and helping to protect our planet at the same time. When your baby outgrows your first set, you can re-sell it on our platform and order the next one new or pre-loved at a discount from another family.
The catch is to adopt more thoughtful behaviors. If you pick the right amount, and if you take good care of what you buy so it can be re-used by others when you don’t need them anymore, then you can have it all: Better products at an affordable price. Our job is to facilitate these choices and make them more convenient to you.
Yes, for the moment. Our vision is broader, and we’re planning to release other solutions over time, but initially we are exclusively focused on our mission to help parents adopt sustainable consumption behaviors.
We manufacture some items like the Cocoon set itself, and we rigorously curate clothes from the most sustainable brands based on our in-depth assessment.
We have built a model that screens more than 300 brands and we do our curation based on a in-depth assessment across the most important sustainability categories: Health, Social Impact, Environmental Footprint and Business Model. Only the brands who are part of the 10% highest score band can be included in our Cocoon sets, and we are currently working four brands.
We use only 100% certified organic cotton, produced without using chemicals, pesticides, or dyes with heavy metals. Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of harmful toxins or synthetic fertilizers. Products made from 100% organic cotton, like those in the Cocoon set, are produced without using chemicals, pesticides, or dyes with heavy metals.
GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS certification defines high-level criteria for environmental and social standards in all parts of the organic textile supply chain. Every part of our products is regulated by GOTS, including -but not limited to- fabric, thread, snaps, hangtags, packaging and the treatment of workers in the manufacturing process. To learn more about GOTS, please visit the GOTS website.