Abigail from Florida
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Meet the Moms: Introducing Abigail

Meet Abigail from Florida

Abigail is one of our upchoose moms from Florida, she's a first-time mom to 6 months old Ayla Jo . You can find her on Instagram @rockitabs.

What’s your name? Any nickname?

I’m Abigail Champagnie but everyone calls me Abby or Abs! 

Live in? Grew up in?

I was raised and currently reside in Brevard County, Florida also known as the Space Coast. 

You’re the mom of...

6 month old, Ayla Jo!

Abigail and her daughter Ayla Jo

What made you want to be more careful about things you were buying for your house or your kids? Was there an “aha” moment or specific event?

The idea came to me as I was packing away Ayla’s first set of clothes and realized I didn’t use half of the things I bought or that where given to me. I knew there had to be a better way!

How did you get started? What were the first few changes you made?

UpChoose was actually one of the first thing I did along with changing my cleaning products.

What are some benefits you have seen over time, are there things that worked well for you?

I feel like the organic cotton has helped Ayla’s baby eczema since it’s soo soft and doesn’t irritate her.

❝ I feel like the organic cotton has helped Ayla’s baby eczema since it’s soo soft and doesn’t irritate her. ❞

You picked a preloved set on UpChoose, what made you pick that set in particular?

A major factor for me was budget but I also didn’t mind having a set of clothing that someone else had amazing memories in!

Do you already have a favorite outfit or item from your UpChoose set?

The Finn + Emma strawberry footie! Such a cute and fun print!

Ayla wearing her mama's favorite outfit from her UpChoose Baby Set.

What’s most exciting to you about being part of the UpChoose community and what are the most important things we can help you achieve?

Being a part of such a big and necessary movement. Just keep making sustainable living accessible!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Time travel! Who wouldn’t want the ability to go back in time or skip over a work day! 

Favorite song?

Leon Bridges, River at the moment but it changes daily.

Dream place for a vacation?

Santorini, Greece. Those sunsets!!

Favorite dish?

This is a tough one! I would have to say jerk chicken and rice & peas because of my Jamaican roots.

Abigail's pick: UpChoose Baby Set, 3-6 months, Warm Weather, Clothes-only set, Classic style.

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