Don’t Just Receive. Return, too.

When you return, you make the whole model work. And you get dollars back, too. Here’s how.
  • Save money
    Earn credits to reduce the price of your next set by up to 20%
  • Go green
    Help protect the environment by avoiding waste and enabling reuse
  • Clean out
    Declutter your house and feel the relief. And it’s convenient too!

Anyone Can Return Organic Baby Clothes.

We get our preloved clothes back from our customers, but also from anyone who has them even if not purchased through us
Already a customer
You can return the clothes you received in your UpChoose set as well as any other organic baby clothes. You will receive credit to reduce the cost of your next set.
How It Works
Not a customer
You can return organic baby clothes you have that meet our criteria. You will receive either credit to reduce the cost of an UpChoose set or a cash payout.
How It Works

“I’m so glad his clothing is being used by others. Thank you for making the process so easy”

Malika L. first-time mom, New York

Why Returns Are Important.

It’s because you return that we’re able to make our model work, from offering you better prices to reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Want to deep dive? Read below